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Florida Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Covered?

Suppose a hurricane is brewing and ready to hit Florida hard. Are you, as a Florida resident, ready?

When you purchase a home in Florida, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. A part of this is realizing that Florida has a strong hurricane history and is a designated flood zone.

Many Florida homeowners think that they have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure their hurricane preparedness, including being properly insured against a storm. However, many Florida homeowners don’t realize that their standard homeowner’s insurance policy may not have them covered in the aftermath of a big storm.

Sometimes this realization comes too late. In many instances, homeowners wrongfully assume that they bought hurricane insurance as part of their homeowner’s policy. Post-hurricane damage, they realize the hard truth that this is not the case. What’s more, they realize that the massive floods resulting from hurricane damage are also not covered. Moral of the story: Home insurance does not always cover hurricanes and hurricane insurance does not cover floods. All of these policies are completely separate.

That all being said, it is paramount that you understand the difference between all of these various policies and that you obtain both hurricane and flood insurance to effectively protect your home. Home Insurance Florida can help you understand the differences and ensure you get the coverage you need.

Depending on the policy, hurricane insurance will insure against any resulting fires or vandalism, as well as hurricane clean up (such as debris removal and repairs), and cash or replacement value of damaged property. Additional Living Expenses (ALE) may also be covered should it become necessary for you to stay at a hotel if your home becomes inhabitable.

To protect your home from hurricane damage, to know how to assess the minefield of hurricane and flood damage coverage options in Florida, and to know how and when to file a claim, along with additional expert tips, advice, and related resources for information on insuring against hurricanes, contact Home Insurance Florida, the best homeowners insurance in Florida.

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